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Prepaid Student Meals


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To Wellesley Apartments students

 Want at least one good meal a day?

Then sign up for the PRE-PAID MEAL PLAN.

How much is a meal?

Refuel has discounted your daily hot buffet meal to $6.00 with the Pre-paid Meal Plan. A cooked or continental breakfast is available at $6.00.

All other Food Outlets are at standard pricing.

How does it work?

We will load onto your AUT Student ID card a pre-determined amount of money to cover a meal at $6.00 a day for either one or two semesters (full year) Monday to Friday excluding breaks. You will then be able to go and buy food and beverage at any of the AUT City or South Campus operated Food Outlets.

  • City Campus: Refuel (WC220) The Counter (WF102) #newsfeed (WG305)
  • South Campus: KaiFe (MD207) any time that they are open semester weeks or even during the semester breaks when you are here.

When can I have a hot meal?

Refuel is open Monday to Friday:

7.30 am - 10 am for either a hot breakfast

10 am – 3:30 pm for a hot buffet meal during both lecture and exam weeks.

Open during most semester breaks 8 am – 2 pm for a hot meal only.


Where is Refuel?

Refuel is located above Hikuwai Plaza level 2 in WC 220.

Can I pick up a hot meal from Refuel to takeaway?

Yes you can ... anytime that Refuel is open.

Where is The Counter and #newsfeed?

The Counter and #newsfeed are opposite each other at Governor Fitzroy Plaza.

The Counter

Open Monday – Friday 7.00 am – 4.00pm (Semester weeks).

Closed in Semester breaks in


Open Monday - Friday 8.30 am – 6.00 pm (Semester weeks).

Monday – Friday 8.30 am – 4.00 pm (Semester breaks).

How do the Food Outlet staff know that I am part of this meal plan?

Present your AUT Student ID card. At anytime you can ask how much you have left on your card.

Can I buy any beverage items with my prepaid card?

Yes, coffee, hot chocolate, teas or cold beverage can be deducted from your pre-paid card.

Alcohol cannot be paid via the PRE-PAID MEAL PLAN at The Counter.

So I cannot pick up a meal, what do I do?

You need to arrange with another student to pick up your meal on your behalf and get them to deduct 2 meals from their AUT Student ID card. You can “repay” them later by having a meal with them and paying for their meal on your AUT Student ID card. All meals must be deducted from someone’s card.

I have a food allergy or am a vegetarian, am I catered for?

If you have any food allergies, then email Yoyo Fu ( Cafes Manager) yfu@aut.ac.nz

There will always be a vegetarian option available at Refuel.

Can I give my AUT Student ID card to someone else to use for a meal?

It is your pre-paid card but the Food Outlet staff may question the holder if the photo does not match.

What happens if I lose my AUT Student ID card?

Besides getting a new AUT Student ID card, you must let us know so that we can put a hold on your remaining balance. When you receive a new card let us know your new barcode number and we will transfer the balance.

I have a concern with the meal, who do I see?

If you have any concerns with the meals or service, please contact either the Food Outlet’s Supervisor or Yoyo Fu ( Cafes Manager) yfu@aut.ac.nz

What happens with any remaining monies loaded on my AUT Student ID Card?

You must use up the amount before you leave AUT.

So what’s next?

Sign up for the PRE-PAID MEAL PLAN.

1 - Decide how much you want to have loaded onto your AUT student ID card.

2 - Go online to www.autshop.ac.nz and follow the link http://www.autshop.ac.nz/student-meals/


  • Go to http://www.autshop.ac.nz/prepaid-student-meals/ and read and fill out all the relevant details including Student ID, Student barcode and choose one of the following 2 options:
    $360 (4 meals a week @ $6 for 15 weeks)
    $450 (5 meals a week @ $6 for 15 weeks)

    $720 (4 meals a week @ $6 for 30 weeks)
    $900 (5 meals a week @ $6 for 30 weeks)
  •  ADD TO CART and proceed to checkout: “Secure Checkout”.
  • Select: Checkout as guest and continue
  • Complete the Billing Details and Shipping address (if different from Billing Details). Click “Bill and Ship to this address”
  • Confirm the order; proceed to payment details
  • Enter your payment details and Submit
  • You will be emailed confirmation within 30min after submitting your payment
  • *Note : Choose " Store Pick up" for Shipping Method; however, you won't have to pick up anything. The amount you paid will be credited to The Student ID using the barcode.

Within the next 3 business days-another email will be sent to you stating "completed".

Now you are ready to go!!

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